Pre-Season Grain Dryer Maintenance Checklist

Pre-Season Grain Dryer Maintenance Checklist

Make sure your grain dryers are ready for uninterrupted service this harvest season. Follow this checklist of maintenance items recommended by Brock Grain Systems. A few easy steps now will keep your Brock dryers operating at peak performance and efficiency when you need them the most.

Safety First

Whenever working on a live electrical panel with over 50 VAC present, be sure to wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Turn off power at the dryer service disconnect before inspecting and servicing components. Use lockout/tagout procedures for power and fuel supplies before performing any maintenance on your dryer or controls.

Things a dryer owner/operator can do.


Keeping the dryer clean helps prevent premature rusting and wear. It also allows the dryer to operate at maximum efficiency. Start at the top and clean grain fines and dirt from the following areas of the dryer.

  • Clean outside and inside screens and panels
  • Remove fines from floors and catwalks
  • Inspect and clear MOISTURE EQUALIZER® units or grain turners
  • Clean unloading systems and take-away conveyors
  • Vacuum out control panels and control cabinets


Many Brock burners are made of stainless steel for long life, but all burners should be cleaned and inspected before every harvest season.

  • Clean the burner and remove off-season covers
  • Service the pilot section
  • Inspect spark plug and flame sensor

Gas Plumbing Train

Inspect plumbing lines for damage or potential leaks. Adjust regulators and valves as needed.

  • Inspect and adjust regulators
  • Inspect solenoids
  • Inspect pressure gauges
  • Inspect plumbing lines to burner
  • Check strainers of drains on gas lines
  • Inspect and adjust external and internal vaporizers

Unloading Systems

Inspect unloading components for wear and tear, and clean as necessary.

  • Inspect and clean augers
  • Clean metering rolls
  • Clean trough systems
  • Clean take-away conveyors
  • Check gear boxes and oil levels
  • Inspect bearings for unload equipment
  • Adjust chain tension for EVENFLO® Unloading System


Inspect all motors for proper operation.

  • Inspect fan motors
  • Inspect load motors
  • Inspect unload motors

Fan Maintenance

Brock recommends running the fans once a month in the off-season.

  • Check for fan wear
  • Grease fan bearings
  • Check belts for wear
  • Check belts for proper adjustment/tension
  • Check mountings and bolt tightness

Other Precautions

It is important to have an emergency action plan in place. Post emergency phone numbers near the dryer and controls. Provide a fire extinguisher and water hose in case of fire. Make sure safety guards and shields are in place, and safety decals and instructions are visible.

Things a qualified service technician should do.


The electrical components of your dryer should be periodically inspected by a service technician or electrician. Brock provides dealers with technical service training each year.

  • Check that service and equipment disconnects are properly marked
  • Tighten electrical connections at power panels and control panels
  • Check auxiliary panels and interlocks
  • Test major alarm devices – door safety switches, high limits, motor overloads, gas valve timeouts, fan starter stops
  • Test minor alarm devices – no wet grain load, dirty heat zone, low gas pressure, pilot failure, premature flame detection, low air flow, plenum high or low temperature
  • Remove ground clamp from rod and use sandpaper to scuff the ground rod, reinstall clamp with ground wire and tighten

Dryer Control System

The Brock INTUI-DRY® Dryer Control works with the TrueGrain Moisture Sensor System to provide advanced moisture control.

  • Clean the system using air only
  • Perform necessary program updates
  • Check wet and dry moisture sensors in and out of dryers
  • Calibrate moisture sensors
  • Inspect linear limits and replace broken ones