Improving Power Sweep Bin Unloading

Improving Power Sweep Bin Unloading

New Product Feature

Brock 1500 Series Power Sweep Incline Powerhead

Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door is a metaphor for using innovation to improve something that already exists. Brock thoroughly embraced that idea with their redesigned 1500 Series Power Sweep Incline Powerhead to move grain with more efficiency and durability. The improvements speak for themselves.

Improved transition box.

The transition box shape is designed for improved efficiency and features a contoured bottom to help keep grain moving to the incline auger. It also features bearing hangers suspended from the top of the trough to improve serviceability and clear the way for better grain flow.

Efficient PowerFlight™ Velocity Joint.

Twin u-joints provide smoother operation, keeping auger shafts in sync and improving reliability. Integrated flights are incorporated into the joint assembly to transfer grain more efficiently from the horizontal to the incline auger.

Self-lubricating wood bearings.

Oil-impregnated wood bearings are self-lubricating and don’t require routine maintenance or the removal of shafts for service. Brock engineers proved their durability by running more than a million bushels of grain through the incline powerhead.

Easily replaceable split bearings.

Brock uses split wood bearings that don’t require removal of shafts for service. Split bearings are easy to replace and can save considerable time and labor costs well down the road.

Look inside the redesigned transition box to see how Brock created a more reliable and robust incline powerhead.