How to Take Variability Out of the Grain Drying Equation

How to Take Variability Out of the Grain Drying Equation

New Product Feature
Brock TrueGrainMoisture Sensor System

With Brock’s TrueGrain™ Moisture Sensor System, grain passes through a parallel sensing field in a fixed vertical chamber to eliminate outside factors that could distort moisture readings.

Measuring moisture levels on grain that is moving through a dryer at up to 10,000 bushels per hour (250 metric tons) is a complex task. Grant Knobloch, Product Manager for Conditioning Systems at Brock Grain Systems, points out there are many areas where variability can be introduced into the process. Brock set out to eliminate this variability with their patent pending TrueGrain™ Moisture Sensor System that uses Parallel Sensing Technology™ to measure grain moisture in an entirely different way than other dryer systems.


Measuring moisture.

Most dryers measure moisture in variable heights of grain flowing across horizontally mounted moisture sensors. With the TrueGrain Sensor System, grain is diverted through a vertical chamber at a constant speed using a metering wheel. This uniform sensing area prevents fines and condensation from accumulating which could distort measurements. The metering wheel also provides convenient access to grain samples for manually cross-checking moisture content.


Measuring temperature.

Another benefit provided by the TrueGrain System is the location of its temperature probe. Instead of taking temperature readings from the bottom of the horizontal flow of grain (where grain is directly exposed to outside cold or heat), the TrueGrain System’s temperature probe is located in the middle of the vertical chamber so measurements are isolated from swings in ambient temperature.

Knobloch says the TrueGrain Moisture Sensor System is a breakthrough in accurate and efficient grain drying. “There is nothing else like this in the industry that moves grain past parallel sensors in a vertical chamber inside the dryer,” he noted. “It’s a unique way to eliminate outside factors that could distort moisture readings, and to give Brock dryer owners the most accurate grain drying possible.”


Saving time and energy.

The TrueGrain System works with Brock’s INTUI-DRY® Controller to provide moisture-based dryer control and remote monitoring that reduces operational management time. Its accurate grain drying capability reduces moisture variability, which means not spending more on energy than necessary by overdrying grain and not taking overly wet grain to market.

The new TrueGrain Moisture Sensor System is only available on BROCK® Commercial Tower Dryers, Brock MEYER ENERGY MISER® Tower Dryers and Brock SUPERB ENERGY MISER® Low-Profile SQ Series Dryers.


See a demonstration of this new technology.